Wat Saket – The Golden Mount

Wat Srakesa Rajavaramahavihara, commonly known as Wat Saket – the Golden Mount, is a Royal Thai temple located in Bangkok. It serves the welfare of the Thai people by encouraging all generations to follow in the teachings of Buddha, an integral way of life that reaches deep into the heart of Thai culture.

Despite being a temple of Royal decree, Wat Saket is open to the general public and is a popular tourist destination. It is located along the road between Bangkok’s shopping district and Ratanakosin Island, a roughly 30 – 40 minute walk due West from the BTS Station – National Stadium.

Recent Ceremonies

Wat Saket hosts many ceremonies of worship and celebration throughout the year, often attracting tens of thousands of followers at each event. Visit on a major Thai holiday and you are likely to enjoy a unique cultural experience on a grand scale. Vesaka Bucha Day, Loy Kratong and New Years Eve being the most notable.